Acne? Get rid of it now!

Almost everybody suffers from an acne outbreak at some point or the other of their life, but it is most common to experience a breakout during teenage. Not everyone gets acne at the same age, or to the same level. Your hormones, your stress levels, you food, and other factors determine the extent to which you will get acne.

Having acne does not mean that your skin is dirty or unclean. In fact, over-cleansing and over-washing can irritate your skin and cause the breakout to get worse. Here’s what you can do to get rid of acne for good.

  • Stop touching your face

Most of us are prone to touching our face or fiddling with it through the day. Stop it now. Constantly touching your face, scratching it, resting it on your hands, picking at pimples, popping your zits or squeezing out blackheads only introduces more bacteria to your skin and makes your acne worse.


  • Eat healthy

Avoid foods that are highly processed and contain a lot of oil. Include nutritious foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and proteins in your diet. They help your skin to regenerate faster and limit unnecessary oil production. Say no to sugary drinks, colas and junk food.

  • Get your beauty sleep

Get at least eight hours of sleep every day. Proper sleep helps to relax your body as well as detoxify it. When you do not sleep enough, your skin does not get the time to renew itself. Go to bed at a fixed time, and do not plan and worry while you try to sleep.

  • Drink plenty of water

While it is said you should have six to eight glasses of water every day, it is not necessary to fix the amount you drink. Just drink water regularly through the day. Water detoxifies your body and cleanses your skin from within.

  • Use oil-free makeup

The best thing you can do is to minimize your make-up. Keep your face clean, and let it breathe. Do not clog your pores by slapping on layer upon layer of foundation and other types of makeup. You can use acne-fighting oil-free mineral makeup which will not do much harm to your skin.

  • De-stress

Learn to relax your body and mind. High stress levels lead to increased sebum production, making acne worse. Try to develop a positive attitude, and whatever you do, do not take your worries to bed. Try taking a bath, reading a book, meditating, or practicing yoga and sleep peacefully.

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