Well, its rightly said ‘give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world’. Footwear is the single essential which has the power to change the look of any outfit. And selecting the right shoes for your outfit sometimes becomes confusing. Here is the list of the footwear’s which every girl should simply

Lip balm is something that every girl uses every single day. It is the most popular lip care product. There are many lip balms available in the market, with some of them coming in a tube packaging, and others in a bottle. There are Indian brands, as well as MNC brands you can choose from.

All of us feel embarrassed if we have teeth that are discoloured or yellow. They just dampen our smiles. Even if we have teeth that seem okay, we always crave for pearly white teeth. Of course, you can always go to a dentist for teeth cleaning. And there is a separate procedure for teeth whitening.

Fat accumulation around hips and thighs is very common among Indian women. Losing hip and thigh fat is even more difficult than losing belly fat. This fat differs from the fat found on the rest of our body. Hip and thigh fat is subcutaneous fat, lying right under the skin. It is not harmful, but

Want to burn calories? Go for running and swimming. Swimming will burn your calories faster, as it involves using the entire body. Running involves the core and lower body alone, but it is easier to do and continue doing. Running is the most preferred mode of exercise because all you need is the right running

  We often take our hands for granted. We use them without giving them a thought. But hands are delicate, and with all the constant use and the frequent washing, the tender skin on hands can get damaged. Besides, you can get infections if your cuticles are not healthy and covering your nail bed properly.

Love to pout? It won’t look good unless your lips are healthy, soft and supple. The skin on our lips is much thinner than the skin on the other parts of our body, which means you need to take extra care of them. Lips also have fewer oil glands, and they cannot create natural melanin.

You might think you are drinking enough water, but you could be wrong. Most of us feel that we drink adequate water just because we down a glass or so when we are thirsty. But the very fact that we wait to become thirsty means we are not drinking enough of water. Drinking the right

Some days, you notice funny white specks on your skin. They look white pinheads, and they are ugly. These are whiteheads, formed when the oil beneath the skin breaks through the surface. If the oil breaks through to the surface, the result is a whitehead, but if the oil becomes oxidized, it changes from white