9 amazing benefits of camphor for skin and hair

Commonly known as Kapur. Camphor has the distinct and irresistible aroma of camphor is not the only property of this chemical compound. In fact, it has a number of other properties and the most widely known is its natural healing properties.

Treats pimples

Acne, pimples and their scars are somewhat like a universal problem. The majority of us, irrespective of our age and gender have encountered such dermal conditions. Most importantly, we all look for effective remedy treat acne and pimples. Applying camphor oil is the best way to fight such skin related issues.

Scars from cuts and burns can be cured

Apart from treating stubborn acne and pimple scars, camphor can also use to cure scars caused by burns and cuts. All you need to do is apply a small amount of camphor disintegrated in the water in that particular area. Do this thing once every day and religiously and see your burn scars go away. Just make sure that the scars are not new as it can lead to skin inflammation and irritation.

Cracked heels

One of the other major benefits of camphor is it softens cracked and uneven heels. Dear reader, winter is approaching with months of dryness. However, with this effective remedy by your side, you can surely bid adieu to your cracked heels. To ensure good foot care, you can soak your feet in a solution of camphor and water for a few minutes and then scrub and wash off your feet.

Alleviates Pain

Camphor can be used to relieve pain caused by sores on the skin and insect bites. It can be used as a rub and applied directly to the skin.

Cures Nail Fungus

Ew, growing up fungus in your toenail is both gross and painful but, using camphor paste can bring down the growth. Nail fungus can be stubborn and has a tendency to recur. If you keep treating your nails with camphor, it minimizes the chances of the fungus returning.

Strengthens Hair Roots

Hair fall is a common problem for most of us. Use of camphor oil can alleviate this issue without causing damage to the hair.

Boosts Hair Growth

Who doesn’t want Rapunzel-like hair? But we all know it’s easier said than done. Long hair in today’s polluted environment is more an illusion than an achievable reality. But wait, don’t give up yet for we have a solution for hair growth.

Improves Hair Texture

Winds and harsh heat can make our strands of hair look like a broom. Use of camphor oil can make your hair smooth and soft.

Beautiful healthy shiny hair texture with highlighted golden streaks

Kills Lice And Bugs

Do you find yourself scratching your itchy scalp for some instant relief? You could have lice. If anti-lice shampoos have failed to help, then try camphor. They are proved to be beneficial in killing lice.

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