Ambika Pillai’s Nail Polish and Aqua Powder

Ambika Pillai launches a wide range of nail polishes which change color itself and a face powder for all kind of skins.


1. Nail Polish-These Nail Polishes changes colour according to your mood and the temperature of your hands /or feet. For eg: Pink becomes peach, Dark Grey becomes silver Grey, Purple become lavender etc…


2. Aqua Powder-This is a loose powder which is translucent on application (The Powder is white in appearance before application). The beauty of this product is that it has water based moisturising properties and has the following listed benefits. 1) Water Based Moisturising properties 2) suitable for all skin types – ie hydrates dry skin, Balances normal to combination skin and mattifies without drying oily skin. 3) Paraben free 4) Artificial Pigment free 5) Great for using without foundation or on top of foundation. When used on bare skin gives a natural Glow to the skin. When used on Foundation gives a perfect smooth finish. 6) great for use in any weather 7) Suitable for all skin colours

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