Are you making makeup mistakes?

You may not believe it, but you might actually be messing up your look by using the wrong kind of makeup. Makeup is supposed to highlight your best features and make you look your best. But if you use the wrong kind of stuff, or too much product, it is quite possible that you will end up making yourself look older than you are, or just loud and out of place.

Check out the common makeup mistakes.

  1. Having the concealer fetish

Yes, concealer is God’s gift to womankind. It does magic, covering blemishes in a jiffy, giving you the flawless look. But then, there is something called moderation. Are you the kind who believes that the more you layer up, the better you will look? If you are the can’t-have-enough-of-it kind, you are in for trouble. Lady, many layers of concealer will give you the pancake look. And if you are using too much to hide fine lines and wrinkles, well, you are committing makeup suicide. Concealer can actually accentuate your fine lines for it settles into them and makes them look more pronounced! Use concealer sparingly to lightly cover your blemishes, not transform your fine lines into furrows!

  1. Mismatching the lip liner

Do you love to define your lips with a lipliner? Well, there’s nothing too wrong with that, but believe us, you do not really need it. However, should you want to use it, stick to the same colour as your lipstick. For some strange reason, some women use darker lipliner to, what they call, accentuate their lips. Ladies, you are not “accentuating” anything; you are just making yourself look like a clown. There is nothing more cringe-worthy than having a false lip line drawn by a dark lipliner. As we just told you, use a lipliner that is the same colour as your lipstick to define the edges, and don’t go overboard with it. A light definition is enough.

  1. Tweezing you eyebrows fully

Are you one of those who tweeze out their eyebrows fully, one hair at a time, and then draw a fine line with a kajal pencil? You need to wake up and smell the coffee. That look went out of style way back in the nineties. Nowadays, people prefer natural eyebrows that are tweezed just to give them a shape. Remember, if you make your eyebrows too thin, you might look older than your age.

  1. Going overboard with the blush

So your idea of rosy cheeks is having two spots on them? Ew! Applying blusher to the apples of the cheeks is one of the worst makeup mistakes to make. You will look like you walked out of a Barbara Cartland novel! Use a blush to give yourself a well-blended touch of colour. The colour should not stand out. The key word is blending.

  1. Using kilos of kajal

Okay, so you like the smoky eyes look. But that is no reason to offload kilos and kilos of kajal under your eyes. Many women believe using a lot of kajal gives them a sexy, smoldering look. Well, yes, kajal does make you look alluring, but you need only so much, even if you are going to an evening party. Heavy layers of kajal under your eyes literally make you look out of this world — like you came from some horror story!

In the end, just find your balance. With practice, you will know what suits you best.


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