Beauty hacks to keep your lipstick all day long

Are you also tired of applying lipstick again and again and as you drink water or coffee it again goes off? Our lips are always doing the talking and eating so sometimes maximum times it comes off and then again we keep on applying it. Have you ever wonder how come the lips of the models are so perfect as if the lipstick never comes off. Don’t worry we also some beauty hacks which will help to keep your lipstick all day long.

1)    The first thing which you need to keep your lipstick long last is exfoliated so that there is no dead skin or flakes on your pouty lips. You can use any lip exfoliator for that.

2)    Next, you need to do is moisturize your lips. Moisturizing is very essential. Use any non-oily lip balm before applying lipstick.

3)    After moisturizing, you need to pat primer or concealer for the bold look. Once it has absorbed u need to highlighting by outlining your lips with lip liner. After outlining, tap softly with your finger to mix it.

4)    Next step is to apply your lip color. Make sure you start with your edges and then filling the left over part. You can use any lip color you want either matt or glossy or pencil.

5)    After filling the lips you now need to take a tissue and cut into half, place one sheet on your lips and apply translucent powder through the tissue with the help of brush or your finger. Guys don’t be shocked I am talking about the powder that we use in our daily life.

6)    Ahhan not done yet… just one last step ,apply a light stroke of lipstick on your lips.

And here you go…enjoy your coffee, eat whatever you want, let your pouty lips do the talking.

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