Best nail polishes available in the market

Along with lipstick, nail polish is something that most women use. Regardless of the age group, nail colour is very popular – whether you are a school girl or a grandmother, you can wear nail polish and make your nails look classy and elegant.

The thing to remember is that you should wear colours that suit your personality and your skin tone. Dark colours will look good on lighter skin, while lighter colours will show off well on darker skin. Always go for good quality nail polish because cheap stuff may look good, but it will stain your nails and dry them.

There are several brands of nail polish available in the market. Here’s a look at some of them:

  • Lakme

Lakme is one of the most well-known and oldest nail polish brands of India. It has many shades and ranges to offer. Lakme can satisfy even the most discerning customer. The sheer number of their shades is mind-boggling. The quality is great too. The cost ranges from Rs 100 to Rs 400 for the Absolute Gel Stylist range. Moreover, it is easily available all over India.

  • Revlon

Revlon is a very good brand that you can trust for nail polishes. The nail paints dry very fast and give lasting colour. The number of shades is impressive. The price ranges from Rs 150 to Rs 390.

  • Elle 18

Elle 18 nail paints are aimed at students. Young girls can easily afford Elle 18 nail polishes. Priced at just Rs 50, they are of good quality and last a decent amount of time.

  • Chambor

This is another trusted brand, offering nail paints in various colours and ranges. The nail polishes have a glossy, shiny finish and look terrific on your nails. They also have lasting power, and do not chip easily. The range is a bit pricey, though. Prices start at Rs 180 and go up to Rs 895.

  • Colorbar

Colorbar is a very affordable brand, targeted at young girls and students. The brand has a vast colour range, and offers soft shades as well as flashy neon shades. The price ranges from Rs 110 to Rs 500.

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