Chapped lips: What NOT to do this winter

Come winter, and the dreaded chapped lips make their unwelcome appearance. More so if you are a resident of places that get really cold. If you live in South India, okay, you may escape the scourge, but if you are in, say, Delhi, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, northern parts of Uttar Pradesh, Kashmir, and so forth, you are bound to get dry lips.

So, how do you escape this curse?

Well, for starters, here’s what you should NOT be doing.

Using products with wrong formula

There are some lip care products that you should eschew in winters. For instance, plumping balms contain irritating ingredients that can irritate your lips and cause dryness. Lip products that contain menthol or camphor are also not suitable for the cold season. These ingredients can cause skin inflammation and dryness. Go for fragrance- and flavour-free formulas in winters.

Wearing lipstick all the time

While lipstick does protect your lips from pollution and dryness to some extent, but wearing it 24×7 will do you no good. You will need to apply emollient-rich lip balm many times a day in winter. If you wear lipstick all the time, it will be impractical for you to do so. In case you are headed to a party or an occasion, wear your lip balm on leaving the house and apply colour when you reach the destination.

Using too much of lip balm

While you do need to apply lip balm several times a day in winters, slathering it generously all the time can be counter-productive. If your lips are constantly under a layer of heavy lip balm, your lips may not be able to function optimally. Dryness is a signal to your lips that they need to produce more moisture. Layering on balm 24/7 makes your lips miss the cues to produce oil on their own. You can, thus, enter a vicious cycle of dry lips-balm-even drier lips!

Scrubbing too much

Exfoliating your lips once in a while is a great idea – in fact, you definitely should do so. But too much scrubbing is not going to help you deal with dry lips. Exfoliate your lips gently once a week – not more than that.

Sitting too neat heaters and convectors

Who doesn’t like to stay warm and cozy in winters? A cup of tea, a warm blanket and a heater nearby is a picture-perfect moment. But there’s a problem. Heat dries off everything — your skin, your hair, and yes, your lips. Try to sit a little away from the heater or the convector; better still, use a humidifier.

Licking your lips

This is the worst thing you can do to your lips. You might think that it provides a temporary solution to dryness, particularly if you are stuck without your lip balm, but licking your lips is so self-defeating. It can even lead to eczema. It is better to suffer dry lips for some time than lick them.



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