Ditch your makeup and love yourself: 9 benefits of not wearing makeup

What would happen if we skipped wearing makeup for a week? Don’t get surprised I’m serious. Wearing makeup daily damages your skin and makes you look old. I know you won’t believe me so I have got some really good benefits of not wearing makeup and will totally change your lifestyle

Your skin gets cleaner and healthier

Makeup is toxic, and anything you put on your skin is absorbed by your body! Mainstream makeup companies use chemicals that are thought to cause cancer and are treated as toxins by the body. After ditching the good, it was much easier to maintain a glowing, clean-feeling complexion.

You have a greater sense of peace

Learning to love yourself is a challenge for everyone. Taking a break from makeup is just another small step in making peace with your body image and your true soul. Don’t give up! It may be difficult to feel vulnerable, but most likely, you’ll realize that any judgment you perceived was actually coming from you.

You will start feeling more confident

Unfortunately, applying mascara and eye shadows will not help you boost your self-esteem and confidence. Instead of covering up yourself, you should focus on loving your natural look and embracing yourself. Your confidence will skyrocket once you learn to accept yourself the way you are.

You’ll save lots of money

Think what you could do with an extra $15,000 in your pocket because that’s what one study suggested that the average woman spends on makeup in a lifetime. Most of us do love our makeup and we spend more than we need to on buying the very best brands that we can, but it could make a big difference in your monthly budget if you were to go makeup free, even on just a few days a week.

No more stains on your clothes

No more makeup smudges on the collar of your clothes either. That means no embarrassing moments during the day and, no more hard work trying to clean the stains out of clothes later. You won’t have powder fall on your bathroom floor or counter tops to clean up either.

You save animals

Most companies have no qualms about testing on animals in order to improve their products. This can lead to permanent disfigurement, pain, and a lifetime of torture for creatures in animal testing facilities. If you choose to use beauty products, always check the labeling to ensure it’s vegan. There are many wonderful, compassionate companies coming into the beauty industry.

You can laugh and cry without worrying about your eye makeup

Another one of great benefits of not wearing makeup is that you will be the able laugh until the tears roll down your cheeks and not end up looking like something out of a horror movie! No more smudged, or running eye makeup to worry about that will mean you can really let yourself go and be you.

Looking Younger

Well, it is known that all that heavy makeup makes your face look tired and even older. So, you will look younger without it.

no  more makeup mistakes

If you stop wearing makeup you will never have that sinking feeling again when you look in the mirror and realize that the great makeup idea you had early on in the morning, doesn’t look so great in the cold light of day. No more wondering if this will work or that will work. You just get up, splash some cold water on your face and go.


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