Dusky skin? Here’s how to do your make-up

Dusky skin tone is the most commonly found skin tone of India. Unfortunately, most of the make-up available here is aimed at fair skin. It is only now that companies are waking up to skin tone-based products. For instance, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty line is meant only for women with a darker skin tone. Hopefully, we will have more and more products for dusky women in our country soon.

Meanwhile, here’s what to do, should you have dusky skin.



Go for a foundation that matches your skin tone. It is not right to buy one that is lighter than your skin tone as it will make your make-up look funny. If you cannot find a foundation in your skin tone, buy the one that is the closest. You might have a problem with dark areas around your mouth or some part of your face. Correct it with an orange colour corrector and then apply foundation.


You need a concealer that is not too light. The maximum you can go is two shades lighter. Anything more under the eyes will just not work for you. Pick a contour shade that is two shades darker than your natural skin tone.


If you have warm undertones, go for yellow-based highlighters, and white-based highlighters if you have cool undertones.

Lip colour

This is the most important part of your make-up. You need to choose your lip colour carefully. Stay away from lip colours that are too nude or white. Opt for lipsticks that are a bit darker than your lips. Do not go overboard with shimmer.


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