Easy shower hacks for healthy hair

Shampooing hair is not easy and there are few rules which one should always follow. Do you always have bad hair day when you shampoo? If yes then you are not following these rules.

Shampoo Scalp

Shampooing the correct way is very important. Take a quarter-sized shampoo in your palm and apply it on your scalp. Lather the product only at the scalp and then come towards the roots. Concentrate on scalp rather than roots. Using a good shampoo is extremely important but where you apply the shampoo is equally important to concentrate more on the scalp. Also, massage your scalp so that blood circulation increases.

Conditioning is must

After rinsing the shampoo from your scalp do not apply the conditioner immediately. Take a towel and wrap it around your head to soak up excess water. The conditioner absorbs into the cuticle easily it there isn’t much water so it is advised by stylist to apply conditioner on towel dried hair especially if your hairs are frizzy. The conditioner will penetrate easily and will deliver maximum benefits.

Do Not Rub Wet Hair to Dry Them

Most women either rub wet hair to remove dripping water, or they coil up their hair in a towel to dry them. Avoid both these things. If need be, use a soft cotton cloth and gently wipe the roots to get rid of dripping water. After that, let the hair dry naturally. Don’t use a dryer as well.

Brush Properly

Most women don’t’ know how to brush their hair the right way. This is quite important, as when you brush your hair after getting out of a shower, you can end up damaging the ends and roots. Use a brush and work through the tangles. Always begin at the bottom and work your way up. Remember to always brush outwards.

Don’t Shampoo Often

One of the ways we tend to damage our hair is by over-shampooing. Use only the needed amount of shampoo. Excess shampoo can wear out the ends and dry up your hair; hence shampoo twice in the week to keep your hair healthy.

Cold Shower

Want to increase the shine of your hair? Want to prevent split ends? Then start rinsing your hair with cold water. Yes, stylish recommend using cold water to rinse hair to make hair shiny and to seal moisture in hair. You must have heard that use cold water to close open pores of your skin, the same principle applies here. Cold water closes the cuticles and locks the moisture which eventually makes your hair look shiny.

Keep Showers Short

Prolonged showers can do more harm than good and you should try and keep your shower time down to the minimum. Experts say that showers that last for more than 10 minutes usually wash away essential oils from the hair. Even if that long drawn out shower seems like the best thing in the world, you are certainly not doing your hair any favor by indulging yourself.

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