Five beauty products you need for the party season

The party season is well and truly upon us. New year’s eve, new year and all those winter get-togethers. Enjoy yourself, for winter is fun and dressing up is easy. But the skin needs some special care. Are you ready for the party season?

Here’s what you need to get you through.

Make-up brushes

You may be the type who puts on all the make-up with your fingers, but what you really need is a set of good, high-quality make-up brushes. It’s an investment that will give you great dividends. You will find applying make-up a whole lot easier when you have a set of good brushes. Concealer, foundation, blusher – all look more evenly applied when you have a good brush.

Tinted lip balm

There’s nothing as awesome as a tinted lip balm to see you through an entire day (and night) of partying! You may not be able to re-apply your lipstick after every morsel you eat and every sip you take. And that’s where a tinted lip balm comes in handy. It’s a great substitute for lipstick until you find the time to excuse yourself and go to the privacy of a bathroom to re-touch your lips. You see, a lip balm can be applied right in front of everyone, in full public glare, whereas you may not feel comfortable applying lipstick in front of an audience.

Complexion Care (CC) cream

A CC cream is a must in your make-up kit. Your skin will tend to dry out in winter, which means you will need lots of moisturizer. But that may give you a greasy, oily look, which is a definite no-no. So, what do you do? Simple. You buy a great CC cream that wards off dryness, gives you sun protection and boosts your skin texture.

Eyebrow pencil

Very few of us are blessed with perfect eyebrows that don’t need a touch-up. So, grab an eyebrow pencil and stuff it into your handy make-up bag. You will need it several times a day.


If you are going to be out for a long time, you don’t want your eyelashes to look one way when you arrive and another by the time you leave, do you? So, take your mascara with you when you step out, and apply it at least once in three to four hours.

There, now you are ready for the party! Have fun.

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