Get rid of grey hair by these natural remedies

The biggest nightmare of human beings, especially women, is the emergence of grey hair. Well, it is a fact that by the time and with growing age, hair turns grey. But today, we can see even young people below 30 are not untouched from the problem of grey strands.

Amla Pack

Indian Gooseberry or amla is an excellent remedy for treating premature grey hair. Boil some pieces of amla in coconut oil till it turns black and massages your hair with it to cure your grey hair, naturally.Amla can also be used in the form of oil or paste. A decoction of amla can cure grey hair in just fifteen days. To prepare this decoction, soak a few pieces of amla for a few hours and add 1 spoon of eucalyptus oil. Store this mixture in an iron container overnight and apply this decoction with an egg, lemon juice and curd in the morning.

 Coconut Oil

The well-known medication for various skin problems, coconut oil, also helps in preventing the growth of grey hair. Massage coconut oil and lemon juice on the scalp to get black and shiny hair.

Black tea

Black tea stains your hair, darkening it. It also adds shine to your hair, making it an excellent remedy for reviving dull, lifeless hair. Boil the black tea in a cup of water and let it steep for a couple of minutes.Set the solution aside to cool.Once the tea has cooled, apply it to your hair and leave it in for an hour.Rinse your hair under cool running water.Do not shampoo.

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves have the ability to restore the melanin in your hair follicles which help tackle graying. It also boosts hair growth by improving scalp health. Heat the curry leaves and coconut oil in a saucepan until you see a black residue forming.Set the oil aside to cool.Once the oil has cooled, massage it into your scalp and work it through the length of your hair.Once all of your hair is covered, leave the oil in for an hour.Wash off with a mild sulfate-free shampoo.


A mixture of 2 spoons of henna powder, 1 spoon of fenugreek paste, 2 spoons of basil leaves paste, 3 spoons of coffee, 3 spoons of mint juice, and 1 spoon of yogurt is proved to be very effective for treating gray hair. Apply this mixture regularly to get good results.Henna can also be mixed with coconut oil to get natural dark brown hair. Henna also works well when soaked overnight and mixed with walnut pulp.


Soak 3-4 pods of Shikakai and 10-12 soap nut seeds in one jug of water, overnight. Boil it and store this in a bottle as a natural shampoo. Soak a few pieces of amla separately and boil it to use it as a conditioner. This remedy treats various hair problems, like hair graying, dullness, thinning, and hair fall.

Black Coffee

Coffee is not a permanent solution for gray hair. However, with regular use, it can stain your hair to a dark brown color and mask all of your grays. Brew a strong pot of coffee and then set it aside to cool.Once it has cooled, pour the coffee through your hair while massaging it in.Once you’ve poured all the coffee through your hair, let your hair saturate in it for 20 minutes.Rinse your hair under running water.Do not shampoo.

Black Pepper Hair Mask

Take 2 grams Black Pepper,1 cup Yogurt. Blend the ingredients together until you get a graying paste.Massage the paste into your hair from the roots to the tips. Do not rub your eyes while applying the mixture as it can cause irritation.Leave it on for an hour and then proceed to wash it out with a mild sulfate-free shampoo.

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