Get rid of those blackheads

Blackheads are a mild type of acne that usually form on the face, but can also be found on other parts of the body, notably the neck. People with oily skin are more vulnerable to blackheads, but others can get them as well. They form when the pores of your skin become clogged with dead skin cells and excess oil (sebum). Unlike whiteheads, which create closed pores, blackheads have open surfaces.

Basically, both blackheads and whiteheads are the result of sebum and dead skin cells getting clogged, but if the oil breaks through to the surface, a whitehead forms, and if the oil becomes oxidized, it becomes a blackhead. In medical language, whiteheads and blackheads are called comedones. A comedo that is closed at the surface of the skin is called a whitehead, while the one that is open is called a blackhead.

There are several ways to remove blackheads. Check out some of them.

Cleanse with salicylic acid

Salicylic acid is the preferred ingredient for removing blackheads and whiteheads because it breaks down the materials that clog the pores: excess oil and dead skin cells. The best way to use salicylic acid is to wash your face every day with a cleanser that contains it.

While you must wash your face twice a day (even if you don’t have blackheads or whiteheads), initially, use the face wash with salicylic acid only once. You can use it only in the night, and then use your regular cleanser in the morning. As your skin gets used to the product, you can use it both morning and night. Some people are sensitive to salicylic acid, and if you continue to react to it even after several days of usage, discontinue use.

Exfoliate gently with AHAs and BHAs

Generally speaking, exfoliation is considered to produce a negative effect on inflammatory acne as it can cause further redness and irritation. However, for blackheads, regular exfoliation can help remove excessive dead skin cells that lead to clogged pores. It can also remove existing blackheads.

Look for scrubs with alpha and beta hydroxy acids (AHAs and BHAs). Glycolic acid is the most common type of AHA, while salicylic acid is a BHA.

Both AHAs and BHAs remove the top layer of your skin. They improve your skin by minimizing wrinkles and erasing age spots, and cleansing your pores.

Use a skin brush

A skin brush provides the same benefits as exfoliation. However, you should use it only once a week. You can also alternate between exfoliation and skin brushing.

Go for a clay mask

Clay masks are a must-have for oily skin. They remove dirt, oil, and other elements buried deep in your pores. Clay masks can even loosen and remove the clogged debris from your pores, thus eliminating blackheads.

Don’t sleep in your makeup

Do not go to bed with your make-up on. If left on overnight, even non-comedogenic make-up can clog your pores. Cleanse your face properly before going to sleep, or better still, wash it thoroughly, and then use a cleanser and toner, finishing off with moisturizer.


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