Gulabo, zara gulab jal laga do!

Arq-e-gulab ke karishmey aur jadoo

Rosewater, or gulab jal, has been used for beautification and medicinal purposes for several millennia all over the globe. The Romans were the first to classify and document the healing powers of natural rose water for more than 30 ailments. Cleopatra is said to have been an ardent fan of the healing and beautifying qualities of rose water. Michelangelo is believed to have been in the habit of adding rose water to his tea every day.

Genuine, authentic rose water is, indeed, nature’s gift to humankind. It has several proven benefits for skin, hair and eyes. Here are some details.


Rosewater helps to maintain the skin’s natural pH balance. It is, thus, a natural toner. All you need to do is pour a few drops on a cotton ball and wipe your face and neck thoroughly with it. It will remove dirt and grit, and tone your skin at the same time. Use it every morning and night for glowing skin that feels refreshed and soothed.

You can also put a few drops of rose water in your bath water. The fragrance is soothing to the nerves and has a calming effect.  It is also good for combating skin irritation caused by acne, pimples, redness and breakouts.


Rose water is a natural conditioner; it also has moisturizing properties. Just add a few drops of rose water to the last rinse of your hair. Your hair will get extra conditioning. Plus, it will smell great. Rose water is also supposed to aid hair growth. After shampooing, massage your scalp for a few minutes with half a cup of rose water.

Rose water also has therapeutic properties – it can relieve inflammations on your scalp. Besides, you can use it to get rid of dandruff. Take some rose water, add some glycerin or fenugreek powder, and apply it on the scalp.


Tired, puffy eyes? Rose water can help. Soak cotton balls in rose water and place them over your eyes. Leave them on for 10 minutes. Your eyes will feel cool, refreshed, soothed and relaxed.

In fact, genuine rose water is so pure and mild that it can be put directly into the eyes. If ever you get burning, red or inflammatory eyes, pour two to three drops of rose water in each eye, and close your eyes for a few minutes. You will feel the difference in a few days. Rose water can also ward off infections. It is no surprise that it is used as an ingredient in some Ayurvedic medicines.

Besides, it helps to keep dark circles at bay. You can also mix rose water to sandalwood powder to make a soothing paste for your eye lids. In fact, you can use this paste as a face mask.

And more…

Rose water has antibacterial properties and can be used to treat mild cuts and wounds. The antioxidant properties of rose water strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue. It is an excellent natural astringent. If you apply it after steaming your face, it will tighten your capillaries, and reduce redness and blotchiness. 

And don’t you just love the fragrance of roses? Yes, rose water is a mood enhancer, ridding you of anxiety and promoting overall well-being.


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