Hacks for long-lasting Makeup

Applying Makeup is great but when it comes to keeping it all day long, that’s where the problem arises. And with many of us partying for long, it becomes all the more challenging to prevent it from smudging and spoiling all our clicks from the latter half of the day. Therefore, we bring to you a few hacks that would keep you from the unwanted damage.


The oil and dirt stuck to your skin play the highest role in causing your make up to smear and smudge. To avoid that, you should clean your skin nicely and tone it up to remove the dirt. Use any face wash that suits your skin type and once you are through with it, rub an ice cube all over your face before you begin applying your makeup.


Exfoliation is key to prepping your skin for makeup application, the smoother the surface, the more even it can be applied and therefore the longer it lasts. Twice a week polish away dead surface cells with a good exfoliator.

Use clever moisturizer

In order to prevent your makeup to get all messy, you have to be prepared from the very start. do not for forget to apply the adequate amount of moisturizer half hour before you put your makeup on so that it sinks completely into the skin and you’re hydrated but not moist.

It’s all about primer

Primer seals in your moisturizer and provides a smooth, even surface for makeup. Not only this, it keeps your makeup from being absorbed, giving it greater staying power. This will even prevent your pores from absorbing the makeup and it will stay in for a longer period.

Foundation time

A good foundation gives you an effortless airbrushed look. But remember, a cream formula foundation stays on for a longer period of time. Not only a good product but the way you apply it also plays an important role. When you use a brush instead of your fingers, you end up fusing the product with your skin making it more natural.

Layer it

Building up your makeup products in light layers will make it last way longer than applying one heavy layer, and it always looks more natural too. This rule applies to your base, eye makeup, and lipstick

The catchy eyes

Eye makeup needs to be at the point. Layer your eye with products to really seal them in. Apply a primer or creamy eye shadow. Then use a little bit of dried eye shadow and add another sort of creamy sparkle product. Continue putting eyeliner, kajal, and mascara. Look for waterproof liners and mascaras.

Proper lip shade

The secret for long-lasting lipstick is sandwiching in the color. First frame your lips with a lip liner, mapping out your cupids bow and the corners, which will give structure and grip for your lipstick. Then apply your lip color with a brush, building it in fine layers and finish with another coat of pencil to set it.

Make setting spray a must

Makeup setting sprays are specifically designed to prevent makeup meltdown so you hardly have to touch it up day to night. Find the perfect one for you with our review of the best makeup setting sprays below.

Stop the touching

We’re all guilty of touching our faces without realizing spreading those germs, viruses, and allergens around and while we are ruining our makeup. Consciously find another activity to replace it with, like interlocking your hands or clenching your fist.

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