Hair serums for shiny, lustrous tresses

All of us covet shiny, lustrous hair. Just shampooing and conditioning may be good enough for some, but many of us need additional care. This is where hair serums come in to the rescue. They give you that instant shine that is non-oily, yet takes care of the frizzy, dull appearance.

What are hair serums?

Hair serums are silicone-based liquids that coat the surface of your hair. It is important to understand the difference between hair oil and hair serum. Hair oil penetrates the cuticles of your hair and changes the hair structure. But hair serum merely coats the hair shaft.

How do they work?

Since hair serums coat the hair, they help in preventing it from getting entangled. Additionally, they give your hair a soft, smooth, shiny appearance. Besides, hair serums protect your hair against exposure to the sun and pollutants, such as dust and grime, by forming a protective layer on your hair. They also reflect light, thus making hair look shinier and healthier.

How to use hair serums

Hair serum is best applied on shampooed hair. The primary function of hair serums is to protect your hair against dust and grime. If you apply it on unwashed hair, the purpose will be defeated. It is even better if you also condition your hair after shampooing, and before applying serum. Unlike hair mousse or hair sprays, a hair serum will nourish your hair and help you style it better.

The thing to remember about using hair serums is not to overdo it. Take a few drops on your hands, rub your palms together and then run your hands through the length of your hair. Pay special attention to the tips of your hair. Once you have applied the serum all over your hair, brush your hair to spread the serum even better. Do not rub the serum in to your scalp – unlike hair oil, it is meant for the hair shaft, not the scalp.

Apply hair serum to damp, towel-dried hair for best result.


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