Here’s how to apply face powder

Face powder is a staple item in any professional makeup artist’s kit. It does wonders for your final look, diffusing the light and giving your skin that coveted glow. It fills up the pores, making them less visible; it also prevents your makeup from looking sticky or oily. Besides, it makes foundation last longer and helps prevent makeup runoff.

Here’s how you should apply face powder

Face powder should be used after applying a liquid or cream foundation. You can choose from loose powder or pressed powder, and sheer or matte type. It is always better to go for loose powder as it falls nicely into the lines and fine ridges of the skin, filling them up and giving you a professional finish.

You can apply loose powder with a makeup brush, or the puff that comes with the product.

Before you apply the face powder, make sure that your foundation and concealer are applied evenly and thinly. In case you have oily skin or large pores, use a face tissue to soak up any excess oil before applying the face powder.

Follow the following steps for the application:

  • Apply a generous amount of face powder onto the puff.
  • Lightly apply powder on your face; be careful not to smudge the foundation applied beforehand. Once done, press firmly all over your face.
  • To apply powder around the eyes or the nose, fold the puff in half.
  • Use the puff or finishing brush to dust off any excess powder.
  • In case you are applying powder with a powder brush, opt for a larger-sized brush.
  • Place a generous amount of face powder on the brush, and then tap off excess powder.
  • Start the application from the front of the face where you want to have the makeup last longer, such as the cheeks, the forehead, and around the nose.
  • Then, spread powder back towards the outer edges of the face.

What to do if you have dry skin

Place special emphasis on spreading your foundation evenly. Use powder lightly around the eyes, and on other dry areas. Brush off any excess powder.

What to do if you have oily skin

Apply an extra layer of powder on your T-zone, or anywhere else where the skin tends to be oily.

Remember, even a thin application of powder around the eye area will make your makeup last longer.


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