Here’s how to dry your make-up brushes

You know how annoying it can be to leave your make-up brush for drying here and there, and not finding it when you need it the most. Or leaving it out in the sun and then altogether losing it. And those irritating moments when you had just left it on the bed and it rolled over and fell into the most inaccessible spot, all covered with dust bunnies.

Make-up brushes have to be dried to keep them clean and hygienic. There is no choice. But it really is difficult to find the right spot to dry them and store them. You can create some DIY racks that will keep your precious brushes safe and dry.

Brush racks

You can always buy a make-up brush drying rack, but it may not be easily available. Not to worry, there are many makeshift solutions.

Use a clothes hanger

Clip your make-up brushes to a hanger and put up the hanger the way you would if you were drying a dress.  Your brushes will dry nicely and won’t get under your feet. Nor will they end in the mouth of your pet dog or cat!

Use a tool organizer

You can also put your make-up brushes in a tool organizer and put up the same at a height, away from disaster. Most houses have a tool organizer, which stores various screwdrivers and pliers and the like. Just take out the implements, insert your brushes, and when they are dry, replace with the tools.

Tie them to a clothesline

This is the easiest method of drying your brushes. You can either use clothespins or some string to tie them securely.

Tie them to a towel bar

This will do just as well – you can tie them to the towel bar inside your bathroom and let them dry. But make sure not to have a bath while they are drying – they will definitely get water droplets all over them. Dry them when you won’t be using the bathroom.

Place them in a glass or a cup

This sounds simple enough, right? It is. All you need is several glasses, depending on how many brushes you have.


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