Lip colors… which you must have by this time

‘If you are sad add more lipstick and attack’, this is what I do and so should you. Lipstick can totally change your look from bold to simple by choosing the correct shade. They not only add color to your lips but also life to your personality.No matter wherever you are going there are some lip shades which are absolutely essential in every woman’s arsenal. And you know the interesting thing about lipsticks is that they boost up your confidence let me tell you the lip colors which you should definitely have it

Classic nude

Nude is the color which can be seen n everyone’s lips these days. It looks amazing with a professional outfit and also pulls off a bold smoky eye. Nude goes with every skin tone and comes with a lot of variations. You can wear it any occasion or casually if you want to.

Chocolaty brown

Brown is another trending color after nude. Brown lipsticks are a craze among party lovers. It never goes out of fashion. But you need to tune it with right and good clothes. As it does not goes with your every outfit. There are different variations of brown, select the one which suits your face.

Blood red

Someone once told me I looked good in red, so I bought every piece of clothing in red and bright-red lipstick. I had huge hair, as big as I could tease it and spray it. A red lipstick is something that we all love to have and the fact that it brightens up our face instantly is just amazing.  A red lipstick can add glamor to any gives you bold, sexy and a fabulous look.

Perfect pink

It’s a universal girly girl color. This is definitely the perfect lipstick shade for fair skin and every other skin shade and tone you can come by. Moreover no matter how much your age are pink suits anyone and everyone. Keep the makeup simple if you are wearing pink shade.

Peachy peach

Peach shades add a cute spunky feel to your whole outlook. if you’re looking to keep your makeup simple yet insanely catchy, this is the way to go. This shade is best pulled out when your skin still has dew shades of the tan on it.wear it to your office, or late night parties, or sunny brunch.

Lustrous orange

Orange is surely becoming a fad amongst many celebrities. This shade has the amazing ability to be eye catching and yet delicate at the same time. You can pair your orange shade which outfit you like to whether it’s a day date or one in a night. It looks great on wheatish to fair skin tones.

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