Moisturize your way through winter

Yeah, we know, winter is here. And as lovely as the weather might be, it does come with its own problems – the dreaded dry-skin and chapped lips. But you can winter-proof your skin by making some clever choices.

Here’s what you need to do.

Moisturizing primer

During winter, you need to prep your skin at the base. That means changing your primer during the season. If you want long-lasting make-up, your primer needs to be season-specific. A primer does more than just act as an adherent to your foundation. It protects and even treats your skin. Switch to a primer with hydrating properties and watch your skin glow.

Hydrating foundation

As with the primer, your foundation too needs a change. Discard the matte foundations that you slathered on your skin in the summers. Go for hydrating foundations that will lock the moisture in.

Creamy lip balm

There is hardly anybody who does not get dry and chapped lips in winter, especially if you live in places where it gets really cold. For instance, a Kashmiri winter would mandatorily mean chapped lips. So, what do you do? You can start by ditching the matte lipstick for a creamier option. And keep emollient-rich lip balms handy throughout the day.

Cream blush, contour stick and eye shadow

Switch from powder-based products to cream-based ones, and that goes for your blush, contour stick and eye shadow too. Cream products give you a great finish in winters.

Skin mist

Use a hydrating face mist as often as needed for that natural glow that lasts through the day. Face mists contain oils and humectants that attract water from the air and replenish your skin’s moisture. They are great for use during the cold winter months.



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