Nail colour and you: The connection

Nail polish is one of the most commonly used cosmetic products in India, next, probably, just to lipstick. From schoolgirls to grandmothers, nail colour has a lot of acceptance in the country. A dash of colour definitely makes your nails look classy and elegant.

However, do take care to wear colours that suit your personality and your skin tone. Remember, dark colours look good on lighter skin, while lighter colours sit well on darker skin. Always go for good quality nail polish because cheap stuff may look good, but it will stain your nails and dry them in the long run.

Considering that nail polish is so very common among all age groups, how are you going to make yours stand out? Simple. Follow the latest trends. Here’s your go-to guide:

Go grey

You wish to be different, but you are not particularly the loud and gaudy type. You would like to keep it understated, yet stylish. The perfect solution for you? Go grey! This delicate hue looks sophisticated and elegant. Moreover, it will go with just about everything you wear, so you don’t have to worry about whether the colour will match your outfit or clash with it.

Bold and black

You are the bold and mysterious gal. You do your own thing, and don’t care about ‘opinions’. But you don’t want to scream, you just want that touch of drama. Dark and brooding, that’s your style. Black nail varnish is the thing for you. Go for mattes.

Moody metallics

You are here to make a statement. And hey, what’s the harm in doing so loudly and clearly enough? If you are here to create moments, then metallic colours are your thing. Dark, crimson, futuristic silver – take your pick.

Blood red

Life. You love it. And you live it up. You are passionate and full of joie de vivre. Not for you the pastels and earth colours. NO. You want the bold look. Luscious, blood red. That’s your anthem. Go for it.

Soft pinks

Delicate. Understated. Soft spoken. Very, very feminine. If that’s you, then hey, pink is your colour. Not the hot pinks, the screaming magentas and blood red crimsons. No, what you need is the soft pink hue that will enhance your feminine side.

And for all those who fall in between, there are many more shades to choose from. Experiment with what works best for you.


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