Natural remedies for white hair at young age

Are you just in your twenties and already have white hair? And you are tired of applying different shampoos and other stuff. Well, White hair at a young age might be a common problem, but it does sap the self-image of the we have some home remedies for you which really works to cure this white hair problem

Eat Vitamin B12-Rich Food

This is one of the best ways to prevent hair whitening. It is also a curative measure to get rid of white hair. Vitamin B12 maintains the scalp health and heals hair against whitening. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamin B12 (yeast, cheese, avocados, oranges, plums, and cranberry) to develop a healthy diet.


You cannot afford to miss oiling of your scalp on a regular basis if you love your hair. Most teenagers and youngsters are reluctant to oiling. This is one of the primary reasons that we have weak hair follicles resulting in thin hair, white hair and dull hair at a very young age. Use almond oil and olive oil to nourish your scalp. You can also use powerful herbal oil formulas to repair hair damage.


Gooseberry is beneficial for the treatment of white hair. They are also known by amlas. Take amlas cut them into few pieces. Dry these pieces in shade and boil them along with coconut oil until the color turns grey and they become soft. Massage your hair with this oil. It really works.

Fenugreek seeds

Also known as methi ke beej, these seeds are helpful for the patients suffering from white hair. Take some fenugreek seeds and soak them in water overnight. Drink this marinated water on an empty stomach in the morning would be beneficial.

Black pepper

Black pepper is helpful for the treatment of white hair. Take one-fourth part of black pepper and mix it one part of fresh curd. Add 10 ml of lime juice in it. You can use this method on your daily basis. Or even you can apply this mixture on your scalp.

Curry leaves

The curry leaves can be used in combination with buttermilk. Prepare a paste by mixing butter milk and curry leaves. Take 1 tbsp. of curry leaves and add 1 cup of buttermilk. Apply this mixture on the scalp and massage it gently and wash your hair after 30 minutes.

Carrot juice

Carrot juice is the healthiest and easy remedy for the cure of white hair. People suffering from the problem of white hair should consume the carrot juice daily.

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