Monochromatic makeup is all the rage, with all kinds of celebrities sporting the look. If you are not familiar with it, it might seem like the newest craze, but actually, it dates back to the fifties. The term refers to the look that is obtained when eye, cheek, and lip make-up shades are kept in

This might come as a bit of a surprise to some, but Korea is taking the world by storm when it comes to innovations in beauty products and trends. Americans are absolutely in love with Korean beauty products and techniques and it is just a matter of time before they start trending in India. In

We have already discussed the benefits of hair serums. Here’s a recap: A good hair serum tames the frizz, adds shine, coats the hair in a protective layer and gives your tresses a pleasant fragrance. Read: This time around, we tell you about the five best hair serums available in the market. The Body

Winters make your skin dry. In the winter the moisture in the skin goes down and skin becomes dry. Dry skin can be treated with moisturizers. There are many natural moisturizers are in the home like glycerin, honey order to keep your face moisturized, here are some natural remedies to keep your face glowing.

All of us covet shiny, lustrous hair. Just shampooing and conditioning may be good enough for some, but many of us need additional care. This is where hair serums come in to the rescue. They give you that instant shine that is non-oily, yet takes care of the frizzy, dull appearance. What are hair serums?

We have already established the benefits of rose water in an earlier post. Read: In this post, we will tell you about the best brands of rose water available in the market. Dabur Gulabari Dabur is a well-known company that manufactures various health and beauty products. Its rose water brand, Dabur Gulabari, is quite

Did you know that in your zeal to keep your hair and scalp clean and free of that oily, greasy look, you might be actually contributing to that very look? If you are one of those who keep washing their hair obsessively in the fond hope of keeping it oil-free, well, you are doing it

Lipsticks are so important part of your life, you cannot even think of doing without it. Lipstick changes your look automatically. Well, there are various brands of lipstick ranging from high to low. Spending too much on lipstick can be your choice, but this time we have got a wonderful deal for you and that

Rosewater, or gulab jal, has been used for beautification and medicinal purposes for several millennia all over the globe. The Romans were the first to classify and document the healing powers of natural rose water for more than 30 ailments. Cleopatra is said to have been an ardent fan of the healing and beautifying qualities

You have a busy day ahead of you – and, you hope, a busy evening! Yes, you plan to have a rendezvous with your beau after office. The problem is you just don’t have the time for a touch-up in between. You can compromise with foundation and eyeliner, but lipstick? No way! It has to