Philips launches Bodygroom Series 1000

With a strong legacy of helping Indian men experiment with and manage their facial hair, Philips India is now ready to help Indian men manage the hair on the rest of their body. Together with brand ambassador Arjun Kapoor, Philips India introduced a new product category within this business – Philips Bodygrooming range –  which will help get rid of unwanted body hair that often come in the way of self confidence, stylish apparel and intimacy! The concerns of excessive body hair will now be a thing of the past, as Philips Bodygroomers can go clear the jungles where no razor should go. Philips Male Grooming business offers a wide range of electronic devices for trimming, shaving and grooming. Philips believes in the trend of casual and DIY (Do It Yourself) styling, therefore Philips has brought the new Bodygroomers to address the needs of contemporary Indian men. The Philips Bodygrooming range has been designed to suit the Indian male skin and smoothly help them get rid of body hair in a painless and skin-friendly manner!


Arjun Kapoor, brand ambassador and one of the most stylish youth icons in the country, launched the new Philips range designed to groom the full body – Philips Bodygroom series 1000, which will solve all the grooming concerns a man may have! Be it your regular grooming routine for chest and arms or anything south, the Philips Bodygroom series 1000 is well equipped to handle all. These nifty, compact tools come with a bidirectional trimmer which provides as close a trim as 0.5mm.  With a unique skin protector, which makes it painless and safe for sensitive areas. The Philips Bodygroomers are ergonomic, waterproof & shower-proof, available in cool colours and battery operated which make them super easy to use! Philips is set to make grooming oneself an almost effortless activity, with fruitful results!



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