Prep your skin for the party season

With winter having descended on us, the party season is in full swing. This is the time when you can go out and enjoy yourself without worrying about the heat, humidity and perspiration. It is also the time of the year when you can team your outfits with jackets and scarves and stoles, making dressing up great fun. You can also wear make-up of your choice, without worrying about it running down all over your face.

There is one problem, though.

Winter tends to dry up your skin, leaving you vulnerable to a dry, flaky and patchy face. Besides, heavy make-up can make skin break out and give it a sallow appearance. You need to have a proper skin care regimen for winter to keep the problems at bay.

Here’s what’s recommended:

Do a pre-party prep

If you have an outing planned, you need to start prepping the skin days before the event. Your skin needs to look hydrated and non-inflamed. Start taking antioxidants and multi-vitamin supplements at least one week prior to a big event. Vitamins and antioxidants revitalize dull skin and keep it looking young and fresh. Remember, great skin starts from within, and no amount of make-up can substitute for a poor diet or lack of adequate fluid intake.

Eliminate acne

Start addressing the problem of acne as early as you can. Your concealer may come in handy to cover a few blemishes, but the overall texture of your skin cannot be glossed over by applying layers of make-up. Double cleanse your skin, first with an oil-based make-up remover in the night, and then with a foam cleanser in the morning.  Exfoliate your skin two to three times a week with a topical scrub, or one to two times a week with a chemical exfoliator. Use a clarifying mask one day prior to the party.

Address blotchy skin

If your skin is inflamed and blotchy, it will get worse with added make-up. Start using calming creams and soothing masks that contain chamomile, lavender and allantoin. Apply ice or frozen green tea the morning of the party. This will soothe the skin and de-puff it. In case the acne persists, apply make-up with your hands as an applicator might worsen the acne.

Take care of your lips

Your lips need as much care as your face. Use a lip scrub the day before an event so that any lip product can be applied smoothly. Apply coconut oil on your lips for at least a week before the party. Remember, lip liners, matte lipsticks and gloss are all drying on the lips. So, nourish your lips as much as possible to keep them hydrated and healthy.

Happy partying!



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