Pretty 24 – A cream for all skin tones

Finally, we have a face cream that does not sing paeans to fairness!

Homegrown personal care company, Vini Cosmetics, which manufactures Fogg deodorants, has launched Pretty 24, a face cream that debunks the fair-is-beautiful myth.

Pretty 24 seeks to dispel the notion that you can become fair by using fairness creams. The fact is that you can never change your skin tone. You may be able to minimize or repair the damage caused by aging and pollution, but skin tone is a constant.

Vini Cosmetics is positioning Pretty 24 as a product for every skin tone. The TV ad shows four women with different skin tones talking about how skin creams in India offer false hope to young women by promising to make them fairer. It ends with a product shot of Pretty 24, which is billed as a cream for every skin tone that seeks to improve the quality of the skin, and not its colour. The brand targets women between the ages of 20 and 35 years.

Incidentally, the fairness product market is Rs 4,000-crore strong, with companies such as Hindustan Unilever, Emami, Garnier, etc, selling “fairness” face washes, creams and lotions for both men and women. While these products sell well, their advertising is often criticized for promoting discrimination based on skin colour.


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