Summer Bridal Tips for this Season

The most anticipated event in a girl’s life it’s her wedding and to look good on her wedding is like a dream for her. Therefore bridal make up plays an important role in one’s life. When we talk about makeup some brides prefer light makeup while some go for a loud make up, a spring bride usually prefers wearing a light, rosy, sun-kissed make up. Various tips are followed by the bride to look good at her wedding like care of skin, hair and diet is usually taken care of before your d-day. One should follow a healthy diet and take proper sleep to look fresh at your wedding. 

It is often advisable to try and test the products 10 days prior to the wedding to avoid skin allergies. Try bright shades of lipsticks which will make you look young and pretty. Do not go for over sized, fake accessories. Keep them delicate and minimal. Just to look pretty do not over do your makeup. Wear light and sober make up. Stay simple yet charming at the most waited day of your lif!

 Inputs by: Sugandh Joly, C0-Founder, Glo

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