Switching to natural skin care products? Don’t make these mistakes!

The latest trend in skin care, as with other things, is going natural. Fine, but where do you make a start? Overhauling your skin care routine is not easy – which product will you try first, what do you buy first? Replacing all products at one go can result in quite some expense. And what if the products do not suit you?

Here’s what to do: Make the switch one product at a time. Not only will this tactic keep the expenses down, it will also ensure you do not waste your existing products. Plus, you will have a chance to see how your skin reacts to each product, which is very difficult to figure out if you start multiple products at the same time.

Avoid the three common mistakes that people usually make when they want to go all natural.

Starting on face oils and serums without using a toner

Yes, we know, face oils and serums are all the rage. But do not forget to use a toner before you start with them. Nowadays, many toners are available that are alcohol and hydrosol free. So, they won’t dry your skin. Applying a toner before the face oil or face serum allows the skin to absorb moisture before locking it in with oil. Once you apply a face-oil, you will create a barrier on your skin. Your skin is sealed. Nothing will go in, and nothing will go out. If you use a face oil without a toner, your skin might actually feel dry. You see, while a face-oil has several benefits, the oil doesn’t actually hydrate. It is water-based products that do the hydrating. So, using a hydrating, water-based toner before your face oil is the thing to do.

Everything “natural” is not safe

Most people assume that “natural” is automatically better and safe. It isn’t. “Natural” and “safe” are not synonymous. Take the case of citrus oils. They smell fresh and wonderful, they but can be a real hazard if they find their way into skin care. Citrus oils are phototoxic; they make your skin sensitive to the sun and can cause sun burn. Even small quantities can be dangerous.

Preservatives are not always bad

Are you one of those whose motto is “Go fresh! Shun preservatives”? Not bad, it IS best to use natural products without harmful preservatives. But you need to remember that safe preservatives are an important ingredient of not just food products, but also skin-care products. Preservatives keep active ingredients safe while fending off harmful bacteria and mold. Oftentimes, there is a real need for them, depending on product composition. Else they won’t last very long, and you will find yourself throwing away a product before you could even use all of it as it went bad.

Switching only face products and forgetting about body products

No doubt face-care products are more popular and readily available, but your face accounts for just 4.5 per cent of your skin’s surface area. If you are switching over to natural products, make sure you make a complete switch, which means soap, deodorant, body wash, body oils, body lotion, and the like, will have to be included in your new list.



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