The Just Herbs and Vetiver charisma


Just Herbs, the pure, bespoke and ayurvedic skincare label has introduced effective and results-driven skincare products. The products comprise organically grown herbs and plant extracts that go into the products by clearly mentioning them on its labels along with the percentages that do not contain strong artificial perfumes and possess the faint fragrance and aroma of the woods. All Just Herbs products comprise Vetiver- a tall grass native to India-and used in Ayurveda for its skincare benefits since antiquity.

The products include, Just Herbs I Mint Green Tea-Vetiver Nourishing and Toning Pack which is a natural skin tonic to nourish and hydrate the fragile eye area suitable for all skin types. Vetiver and green tea, combined with wonder herbs buchnania lanzan and madder root help fade away blemishes, lighten the skin and provide tone and elasticity; Plump up age-defying Anti-Wrinkle Gel which is a wrinkle minimizer in the form of a translucent gel, for intensive nourishment of the skin through the day. Vetiver, along with Indian Ginseng and fennel rejuvenate aging skin, strengthen the collagen matrix and boost immune functions to give it a firm and a youthful appearance; And Cascade, a day care lotion containing Aloe Vera and Wheat germ in addition to Vetiver. This day care lotion is reinforced with the hydrating action of Aloe Vera and antioxidant properties of Wheat germ oil in addition to Vetiver. Vetiver helps rejuvenate the skin and improves skin regeneration process to enhance collagen elasticity thus improving the vital capacity of the skin to retain moisture. A perfect base for make-up, it leaves the skin satin smooth all day long.

Just Herbs products are available at leading lifestyle stores and websites across India.

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