Have you tried monochromatic make-up?

Monochromatic makeup is all the rage, with all kinds of celebrities sporting the look. If you are not familiar with it, it might seem like the newest craze, but actually, it dates back to the fifties.

The term refers to the look that is obtained when eye, cheek, and lip make-up shades are kept in the same colour family, or when eye or lip make-up complements your outfit colour.

Beauty experts are unanimous in their view that the monochromatic look will continue to be in fashion for ages to come because it always works for all skin tones and fashion trends.

If your outfits are classic shades, such as pink or red, coordinating your make-up will always be a hit. It is very pleasing to the eye if you stay within a shade or two of a tint — either lighter or darker — with the same undertone.

Lips and cheeks

Applying the same hue on your lips and cheeks is a very common trend. In fact, some of the best two-in-one tints are designed for exactly this purpose. Moreover, it is easy to pull off. If you go with bright cheeks, choose a lip color that is a pale variant of the same shade.

Cheeks and eyes

This is an easy way out if you are short on time. Just use your blending brush, or even your blush brush, to apply a rosy or peachy colour across the cheeks and carry it on to your eye area. The look seldom goes wrong and is suitable for all skin shades. And it goes with all kinds of outfits.

The best thing about monochromatic make-up is that you don’t have to worry about what colours you should blend on your eyes, or whether your blush complements your lipstick. When they are of the same colour, they will match. They don’t have a choice!

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