Vieda – the latest clear soap with Sea Buckthorn is here

Are you a fan of clear soaps? Good. Clear soaps are mild on the skin and have fewer possibilities of added contaminants. While most clear soaps are glycerin-based, the Kochi-based Synthite Group has come out with Vieda, a clear soap that is infused with the goodness of Sea Buckthorn extracts.

The Sea Buckthorn plant evolved in the cold deserts and is found at high altitudes which are oxygen-depleted. The hardy pant has learnt to survive in harsh conditions, and has developed a natural defence system against harmful UV rays. Its natural Sun Defence System comprises over 40 carotenoids, omega oils and antioxidants, along with Vitamins A and E.

The Sea Buckthorn plant

Vieda is a product of intense research into the beneficial properties of this wonder plant, and is packed with the beneficial ingredients of the Sea Buckthorn plant. It also contains extracts of blue pea, drumstick and the red hibiscus flower. The soap comes in two variants – one for the face, and one for the body.

Synthite has a tie-up with local communities in Ladakh to source the buckthorn fruit, whereas blue pea and drumstick are sourced from various parts of the country. The company is also coming out with hair oil in the coming months.

Vieda has initially been launched in Kerala, as the company is headquartered there. Expect more from its stable soon.



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