Your guide to the perfect nude lipstick

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to find the right kind of a nude lipstick. After all, there are way too many skin tones! Yes, there is a broad classification – fair, wheatish, dusky, brown – but even among these categories, there are so many variations.

Let’s take a step back and figure out what constitutes a nude lipstick. A nude lipstick is one that closely matches your natural lip color; it is the colour of your lips without lipstick or gloss or shimmer.

In India, we have an amazing diversity of skin tones. This compounds the difficulty of finding your perfect nude lipstick. Many big-brand lipsticks are made for fair skin. But now, increasingly, brands are waking up to diversity of skin tones and coming out with more and more shades to suit more and more skin tones.

The best way to pick up the right nude lipper is to remember a few “do”s and “don’t”s.

Take into account the undertones of your skin. Remember, a nude lipstick formulated for fair skin may look great on someone with warm undertones, but look disastrous on someone with cool undertones. Here’s how to figure out what kind of undertones you have. Check out the colour of your veins on the underside of your forearm. If your veins are greenish, you have warmer tones; if they are bluish, you have cool tones. If you cannot really make out, or if they are somewhere in between, you have neutral undertones.

Another great tip is to test the colour on your lips. Don’t go by what a lipstick looks like on your hand – your hand looks nothing like your lips. Check directly on the lips. The lipstick should blend well with your lips, but still define them. That means your lips should stand out from the rest of your face, but in a subtle manner.

Happy hunting.


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