Hema Kaul to debut at London Fashion Week


Hema Kaul, originally from India, is all set to make a mark in the global fashion scene. She will be launching her label at the fashion’s foremost authority, London Fashion Week, 2013. The collection titled ‘Déjà Vu’ is a strong reflection of all her fashion inspiration from the time she started dreaming to become a fashion designer.


Hema Kaul has finesse for haute couture. Her designs speak to women who naturally attract attention owing her magnetic charisma. Since her childhood, Hema, now based in Dubai, wanted to be a fashion designer; instead, she chose to continue her family’s business legacy. Hema Kaul, has been designing for private clients and has received an overwhelming response which in turn encouraged her to launch her own label.


Hema takes us back to all those years when she just dreamt of being a fashion designer. The collection includes Hema’s love for vintage circus, prom dresses, films she watched and celebrities she followed.


The Summer 2014 collection, serves as a creative channel for all the memories of her designing perfectly meshed well in one collection.

Hema Kaul has used a blend of lace and silk of the finest quality for the daytime as well as evening wear dresses. Colors ranging from a bright and vibrant palette to soft pastel hues are all apt for the spring/summer season. Her designs, cuts, and silhouettes feature traditional lance over a contemporary style.

Hema Kaul’s designs are one to watch out for during the London fashion week. The use of color palette and the intricate designs of clothes symbolize the essence and love that Hema Kaul has for fashion.

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