5 fashion blunder which you should start avoiding right now.

Fashion is something which can either create you or destroy you.one wrong move and you are gone. Being fashionable is not always about following the latest fashion trend. It is about being able to carry the trends in style. Not everything fits everyone and the trend might be something that doesn’t suit you. Many of the times we see our b-town actress committing major fashion blunders. So here is the list of most imp blunders which you should definitely stop doing it.

1)    Choosing the wrong under garment

Undergarments are the essential pieces of your wardrobe that give your body a proper definition. Wearing the right under garments will make the clothes over them look better and you will look prettier. If you want to flaunt your backless tops then for that also you need to have perfect undergarments for you.

2)    Start saying no to, too much make up

There’s no harm in applying makeup but what causes the trouble is applying too much of it. Some of us have a tendency to go on applying one thing after another which in turn makes us look bad. Choose your make up according to the occasion and your outfit. If your outfit is heavy then make sure that your make up should be light.

3)    Neither too baggy nor too loose

If you wear something that doesn’t go with your body type or are too tight or even too loose then you are making a big mistake. Make sure whatever you are wearing you should be comfortable in it. Select the right fit of clothes which makes you look elegant and beautiful and never too fat or thin.

4)    Exposing too much

If you think that exposing is too much is what we call fashion, then my friend you are wrong.  if you want to be fashionable then dress sensibly. Exposing your body will not make you any fashionista, rather they downplay you

5)    Stuck in the old fashioned trend

One of the most common mistakes all women do I s, stuck with the old fashion refusing to acknowledge the fact that their bodies/lifestyle or simply fashion has changed.  It is okay if you follow it sometimes and it suits you. But your body shape and structure changes over a period of time and if you still wear the same clothes after years, then they are not fashionable.so make sure you keep on changing and adapting the new fashion trend.


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