8 ways to carry your bralette

There’s no doubt that bralettes have been on trend for a little while now. Figuring out how to wear them was a bit of a struggle. In case you’re not familiar, a bralette is basically a smaller crop top – another way to describe it is a soft bra, usually lacy with feminine touches. Well, we have so many ideas to pair your bralette with…

Shrug or open shirt

Pair a bralette with high-waist shorts and an unbuttoned plaid shirt (depending on how much skin you’re comfortable showing).or you can pair it up with kimono shrug.

With High Waisted Jeans

Pair your high-waisted jeans with a bralette. Also, the advantage of high-waisted jeans is that it suits all body types. If you are still not comfortable, throw on a shrug, cape or a jacket.

Under A transparent Shirt

Wondering how to style a sheer white silk shirt that was more of an impulsive purchase? Most of us are not comfortable with the idea of wearing see through tops, yet end up buying them. That’s when the bralette becomes your savior. You can experiment with either plain or neon colors inside. Throw on a matching statement piece and shoes for a funky look.

With A High Waisted Skirt

High waisted skirts can be tricky because long tops can look funny if not worn well. So, if you are bored with those crop tops and tanks, you need to upgrade to a bralette.

Under Side Open Tanks

Sports bras and racer backs have always been a thing for workouts or gym. But, try the bralette to make your hike or run stylish and fun. You can even wear it to the gym. After all, we need to treat ourselves for all the hard work.

With suspenders

Wear a bralette under short overalls with sneakers for a cool, casual look. dungarees have come back – because we just cannot do without them, can we? But instead of the regular tank or full sleeves tops, try them with a bralette and fall in love with these all over again.

Off-shoulder dress

Okay, I know that off shoulders are supposed to be bare and open, but bralettes like these add to the look if anything. So, the next time you are repeating your favorite off shoulder dress or top, try this for a brand new look.

Under Low-Neck Tops

I know a lot of people who end up wasting so many cute tops because the neck is too deep but girls, you have no excuses anymore. Wear a bralette and let it outline the neck, it can’t get sexier.

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