9 different ways to carry your Dupatta this festive season

The festive season is all about the traditional look, which brings up new collaborating styles of Indian and western fashion. We all want something new, change and different in our wearing. Well talking about dupattas they can either make your day or spoil it. Well, I have some unique ideas to carry your dupatta in a different manner.

Single Shoulder and arm carry

This style is mostly used to flaunt your salwar suit or lehenga sleeves and neck designs. In this style, dupatta needs to have heavy border designs and preppy colors will adorn the length. To make the dupatta still on the shoulders, pin it carefully there. Heavy dupatta is a big no-no for this draping style because it won’t stay still o your arms and shoulders. Experiment with new neck designs and patterns of online lehengas and blouses and try them all one by one with this style. It will also adorn your neck shape and taller woman can adopt this style confidently.

Front Fall

Now focus on this simple yet most fashionable style which is adorned to reflect one’s serious persona. This simple and classic look will showcase your complete attire and if you have few inches more, then nothing can beat this look. Generally, this is tried with kurtas or designer lehengas where prints, designs, patterns and traditional works are so important to showcase.

Around The Neck

A woman who loves to have unconditional and untimely hugs should try this formula. Simply drape your dupatta around the neck as shown in the image and pull them at the front to showcase your best persona. This style also gives an illusion of height and thus great for petite women. The ethnic wear with this type of dupatta focuses on the central portion of the length. Here dupatta is an additional accessory to magnify the effect of the whole attire. You can ditch necklace here and go off with fashionable earrings.

Free from the shoulders on Both Sides

A simple way to drape it is to let it free from the shoulders on both sides, covering your front bodice. Simple and sweet way and still a pretty look as not many do this.

Gathered in pleats

The one side way, gather it in pleats or roughly gather it up and let it hang from front to back well pinned at the shoulder point. This suits salwar kameez the most.

Hang on one Shoulder & Wrist

Let the dupatta hang on one shoulder in front, take the other end from behind and bring it in front at your wrist and pin it at the wrist. Easy to dance and do activities as the dupatta won’t come off.

Bigger pleats and place the dupatta on the shoulder

The royal look with this pretty style, take bigger pleats and place the dupatta on the shoulder, it needs to be equal at front and back. Pick the front inner corner and drape it across loosely from front waist to back waist on the same side. Then take the back inner corner of the dupatta and bring it over the head as a veil, style is only for Lehenga Choli Attire.

Full Back Fall

Your elbow strength is essential here. Dig deep into the fashion of dupatta draping and this time let it loose and fall at behind. Take your dupatta from your elbow inner corners and let them rest there only. This look will be perfect if the bodice of the choli or blouse has something extra to offer. Vehement work patterns, embellishments, cut holes are some reasons to take the fall at back.

Rajrani Style Dupatta

The wrap around the way normally looks pretty on Punjabi and Patiala Suits to Lehenga Choli or shararas. Pleat up big pleats and place them on the left side shoulder keeping it shorter than equal and pin-up. Pull out the inner edge line and take it to the other side of the shoulder and pin it there creating a neat cowl. Now continue draping the edge over the head bringing it on the left side again.


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