Alia Bhatt turns 25 today: 10 picture which proves she is the total fashionista

Bollywood star Alia Bhatt, who turns 25th today, it has only been six years since her debut in Bollywood since Student Of The Year hit the theatres in 2012. But she has already become the most loved, most sought-after and the most talented young actress of Bollywood.

Alia is a smart woman too. She knows her love life is a topic of much discussion something that comes with the job. But she neither validates nor denies the stories.

Alia is the perfect youth icon. Every millennial is hooked to their social media feeds, including Alia, but her posts resonate so much more than what others post.

It could be a picture of a cat or a nice dress that she has spotted. She is working round the clock but is also having a lot of fun. She has already streamlined her life. Unlike the indecisive youth of today, Alia knows where she is headed.

Alia Bhatt has become nation’s sweetheart, primarily for the kind of roles she has chosen to do on the big screen.

From being a prodigy of the ‘elite’ Dharma Productions, Alia has also become a favorite of many off-beat directors like Abhishek Chaubey, Imtiaz Ali and Zoya Akhtar, making her one of the most sought-after talents in the industry.

She’s 25, already has 2 Filmfare Awards resting on her shelf and a life anyone would envy looking at.

Despite being a ‘star-kid’, Alia has a familiar air around her that makes her connect to the younger generation of the country

. Be it her films or a glimpse of her real life through social media, Alia connects with the youth like no one other can, and thus deserves the title of ‘Star for the Millennials’.

As her Instagram bio reads, “Moody, Floaty, Fire, and Desire”, Alia is every emotion. She’s dreamy like any 20 something would be, loves to sleep in on days wishing to skip her work (or workout), gets awestruck whenever a phrase/line of fellow actors strikes a chord and loves to take selfies.

While the world wants to swap its life with Alia, the girl herself wants to swap her life with popular model Gigi Hadid.

Alias motto is staying away from controversy, her goal: keep working and let the paparazzi construct anything they wish to. She has better work to do than pay heed to negativity in her life.

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