All you need to know about TA TA Towel Bra

Chafing and sweat under breasts is quite a common problem among heavy-breasted women. Women, especially with heavy breasts, will understand how uncomfortable it feels to live with a pool of sweat that forms under the breasts during humid and hot weather. But this new piece of lingerie has now come to rescue.

Essentially a towel hammock for breasts, Ta Ta Towel was created by Erin Robertson, who came up with the thought after sweating her way through getting ready for a first date in summer, without air conditioning.

It resembles a halter-neck bikini top that wraps around the wearer’s neck – but made out of towel fabric.

This Towel bra has received an overwhelming response on Internet and women couldn’t be happier to get rid of the interesting dilemma.

While sharing her story Robertson says that it was one day of the summer that she was sweating a lot because the air-conditioner wasn’t working. She wondered that she “couldn’t be the only person to have boob-sweat issues while getting ready. And that was when she decided to find a solution for this problem.

It not only absorbs sweat, in fact, the bra is also good for breastfeeding, claims Robertson. ‘The ultra-soft rayon liner was made with sensitive nipples in mind and also absorbs any breast milk that might leak out during feeding’

Sometimes the woman gets rashes under her breast due to moisture buildup, but by using this bra your rashes will completely disappear.

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