Annaika’s WLIFW A/W 2013 Fatal Vanity


Annaika’s Fatal Vanity is a combination of purity with satanic influences. The colours of the collection narrates the life story of a woman, her journey through the many ballads of life.


The unique collection is all about the transition of a new born girl child into a full fledged woman.


It begins with reflecting the purity of a new born girl child stepping out of her mother’s womb, unaffected and naked to the outsideworld. She steps into the world and loses her puritanical shell imbibing the purities of society.


Her inner demons begins to grow as she becomes the mother goddess. She transforms into Gabrielle-the fallen, thus depicting the two sides of all women, one the pure and the other dark.


Her dark side takes over and she is determined to prove to the world that women should not be underestimated.


The collection starts with nudes, goes into darker shades, red and ends with black , thus showing the transition of the woman today, keeping the essence alive.



Fatal Vanity is a true representation of the brand annaika-rough around the edges, with a hint of harshness, yet beautiful in every way.


Annaika’s muse is the confident strong and independent woman who is ever experimental in her ways.

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