AZVA jewellery for AVIBFW 2013



AZVA World Gold Council showcased their scintillating and mesmerizing collection at the fourth edition of India Bridal Fashion Week. Each piece reflects the idea of seven with beautifully handcrafted seven elements such as flowers, circles and rows in 22kt gold.



Models in plain red evening gowns presented an extravagant and opulent gold collection. Chokers, Gulubands, Haars with intricate gold work, and jhumkas studded with rubies were part of the stunning collection. Dangling gold earrings complemented with a necklace were simply breathtaking. A lot of geometrical pattern inspired jewellery, like in spiral and circles, was beautifully juxtaposed with traditional gold designs.


Immaculately designed ‘tagdis’ completed the whole bridal look when teamed with breathtaking spiral pendent attached to moti haar, armlets in gold beaded designs, and jaali work gold necklace encrusted with ruby and emerald. One couldn’t overlook the beautiful choker necklace encrusted with textured oval elements and embellished with seven sculpted paisleys which certainly reminded of the bygone era.


The opulence of the graduating seven rows haar, with two sculpted paisleys, was symbolic of the seven vows. The next collection was presented by the models in purple gowns, saris and dresses. Long danglers teamed with necklaces in ruby and gold, maatha tikka attached to a string of ruby beads, and an enchanting seven petaled flower gold pendant with beautiful enamel work were really reminiscent of our rich cultural heritage.


The designs perfectly matched the whims and fancies of contemporary Indian bride, who prefers fusion of traditional with contemporary in her bridal collection. The contemporary aspect of the collection was evident from pipe like gold necklace with interesting pendent and spiral cone earrings with ruby dangling in the centre.


Alia Bhatt added all the glamour to the show by appearing as AZVA’s showstopper in nude colour scintillating gown with gold beaded necklace, spiral round earrings, and stunning bracelet. The beautiful show was choreographed by Marc Robinson, the Fashion Director of India Bridal Fashion week.

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