Bridal Beauty Championship held in Dubai

A unique event was held in the UAE on November 11, 2017 – the first-ever UAE Bridal Beauty Championship, hosted by event management company, Bedazzled Events.

The event was the brain child of Dr Mansoor Al Obeidli, founder of Bedazzled Events and UAE National Director, World Beauty Congress.

As many as 20 teams took part in the championship, and more than 800 brides-to-be, fashionistas, bloggers, beauticians, designers, Emirati models, and industry professionals attended the event. The competition was targeted at makeup artists, hair stylists, and designers. The celebrity judges included Lucky Morani, Dr Mansoor Al Obeidli, and Sarah Belhasa.

Lucky Morani

Lucky Morani is an Indian fashion designer, model, stage and film actress, while Sarah Belhasa is a fashion designer who was born and brought up in Mumbai and now owns her own boutique, Studio 8, in Dubai.

Sarah Belhasa

The participants were required to give a bridal look to models, which included hair, makeup and outfit. Their end effort was evaluated by judges on a one-on-one basis. The creative artists were given one hour each to create the look. Most of the contestants were UAE residents, but of different nationalities. The winners of the show will get featured on Fashionably You, a reality show, which will be launched on Sony entertainment channel.

List of Winners

Bridal Makeup

  1. Abeeha Mamoon
    2. Svetlana Kurchatkina
    3. Irena Mirchevska

Bridal Hairstylist

  1. Eman Ahmad Atyah
    2. Adolat Shokirova
    3. Svetlana Kurchatkina

Bridal Designer

  1. Amangul Bashimova
    2. Maryam Alhammadi
    3. Hamamie Asfaw Selato

Best Bridal Team

Team 8:
Makeup Artist – Mariya Karas, Hairstylist – Guncha Atdyyeva,
Designer – Amangul Bashimova
Model – Hojamammedova Tavus

Best Bridal Model

Hojamammedova Tavus


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