Designer Zac Posen roots for women’s safety

Fashion designer Zachary E Posen, better known as Zac Posen, has been in the news lately.

His views on the safety of women have made headlines the world over and have endeared him to many.

The US-based 37-year-old designer, whose label is named after him, has been quoted by various western media, as well as Indian media, as having said the safety of women has always been a top priority for him.

Naomi Campbell in a Zac Posen creation

Zac has said that through his fashion label, he wishes to create a safe environment for people in the industry.

“Within my world and my businesses, the safety of women has always been at the forefront and it is of the utmost importance to me. I want to create a safe place where people can grow and hone their talents.

Gwyneth Paltrow in a Zac Posen outfit at the Oscars

“It’s always been important to try to have a professional environment and not just a creative environment, within a human industry,” Posen is reported to have said.

Zac aired these views in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal. He added that the stories of sexual harassment are not new and he is inspired by the women who came forward to share their experiences.

Kim Kardashian in a Zac Posen gown

“With the rest of what’s happening in the world, I’m a history buff, especially when it comes to the history of Hollywood. This is definitely not a new story within the performance and entertainment worlds, going back to Shakespeare even.

“I applaud the women and men who are coming out and sharing their stories. It’s unacceptable behaviour and it’s outrageous… I know there’s a sense of purpose for the people who are sharing their stories, but I hope there’s also reaction to this,” he has been quoted as having said.


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