Fashion Hacks for short hotties

There is no problem in being short. In fact, embrace yourself because short girls are the cutest and prettiest girls. However, there are certain problems with dressing up when you are not that tall. You have to pick and choose carefully so as to not overwhelm your small here are some fashion hacks which will help you.

High heels

If you want to give the illusion of longer legs find a nude pump that matches your skin tone. Adding a few extra inches has never hurt right? Go for the ones with pointed toes as they only add to your elongated silhouette. Stand tall on those high heels.

Tailored Fit

Accentuate your curves and silhouette with sharp fitted clothes. You can layer and wear sweats too but wear structured clothing beneath and stay defined. Make sure that most of the outfits you were being properly fit you. Try to avoid wearing loose clothes.

Avoid Big Prints

Prints are totally trendy but big, bold patterns can obviously overwhelm your small frame. Go for vertical prints, stripes or V shaped patterns. They will elongate and flatter.

Wear V-neck top

A neckline that points triangularly downward helps to elongate your torso. Wear it with a long lariat necklace to pronounce the illusion.

Monochrome tone

Monochrome tone suits everyone but it suits the best to short cuties. The lack of visual breaks helps strengthen the illusion of height. Wearing a monochromatic pattern will also help create a long visual line, thus giving the illusion of height.

Highway to skirts

Although not for the short girls, midi skirts worn like a high waist skirt with a belt can elongate the legs. You can also wear it like a shorter skirt paired with platform sneakers.

Saree with thin borders

Sarees with thick borders are a big no-no for short girls. Broad borders make the saree look more prominent thus hiding your own frame. Smaller girls should wear the sarees with sleek borders.

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