Flaunt your style with scarves and stoles

Have you tried using scarves and stoles for improving your style? No? Well, do it. The best thing about scarves and stoles is that they go with any outfit in any season and look great! Check out some of the simple, yet effective, ways of adding scarves and stoles to your wardrobe.

  • With jeans and tops

This is one outfit with which scarves and stoles go particularly well. Just pick up a matching stole and drape it on yourself when you are wearing jeans. It looks very chic and stylish. You can either knot the scarf round your neck, or just let it hang naturally. You can also pin it on one side with a flashy brooch. You will look great.

  • With skirts

Scarves and stoles also go very well with skirts and tops. If you are wearing a tailored skirt for formal occasions, use a scar or a stole in understated colours and know it neatly at the front. If you are out for fun, go wild and use any colour that you prefer. Leave it loose and let it flow with you.

  • With palazzo pants

A long stole over a pair of palazzo pants and a long top is going to set you apart. Palazzos can be worn for formal as well as informal occasions, but it is best not to wear them if the occasion is too formal. Drape the stole or scarf round your neck twice and let the ends hang loose. This way, it will not blow away and you won’t need to adjust it every now and then.

  • As a bandana

We in India do not wear bandanas very often. But there is no reason why you can’t! Just pick up a stylish scarf and tie it round your head. Let the ends hang on the sides, not the back of your head. A bandana looks best if it is wrapped at least twice round your head.

  • As an accessory for your hand bag

Scarves and stoles need not be worn just on your body. You can tie one around your hand bag, and make heads turn. Just make sure the scarf is not too long; it might become inconvenient to carry the bag otherwise.

Try some of these simple tricks and give yourself a whole new look.


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