Hacks to look slim without losing your weight

Sometimes you try really hard to lose weight but you don’t get slim just in a week or a month. it takes quite a time. While sometimes you are so annoyed of yourself that even after doing a lot of exercises you look fat in your party wear dress, and then your party moods get spoiled. Well, what if I tell you I have some magical hacks which make you look slim. If you don’t trust me then do have a look

 Avoid loose and oversized clothing

If you are really into the really like to go for loose clothes … that is great! But if you are trying to look slimmer then it sure as hell is not flattering. They say oversized clothes help hide problem areas, however, more than often it leaves you with a boxy looking figure which is not flattering at all. A well-fitted top in a dark hue will be a better option instead.

Tie your shirts around the waist

If you buy an oversized and huge top then tie it around the waist to cinch it and it will make you look slimmer. Also as you tie it in the front it creates these pleats that give a slimming effect.

Visit a sweat or sauna room

This hack does not require much effort and works wonders when looking for quick results. The steam and sauna shed extra bloating and also will make your skin look more flushed and healthy.

Belt your loose clothes

Accentuate your waist with a belt is also a quick and easy way to look slimmer. It instantly pulls you in and makes you look thinner. Also since it is an oversized piece of clothing it will hide problem areas while still keeping your figure in place.

Wear Black

It doesn’t get easier than this! Black magic is true guys! If you are feeling a bit bloated then simply pick a black outfit. It will make you look instantly slimmer.


From good old corsets to now shapewear, these things have been business since the invention of fashion. it smoothens all the bulges and jiggly fat out and pulls you in, making you look slimmer. There is no shame is pulling up a pair of Spanx or waist trainers, they instantly make you look slimmer.

 Opt For a V-Neck

All hail the V-neck — a simple neckline that works effortlessly to slim downs the frame by creating the illusion of height. It’s the most flattering neckline out there and it does the trick every time.

Grow Your Hair Out

Long hair elongates the face and neck, creating the illusion of a longer, leaner body.

Choose Your Fabrics Wisely

For a svelte look, spandex, jersey, cashmere, and fine cotton is your go-to fabrics because they help shape the contours of the body. But steer clear from corduroy, crushed velvet, metallic, leather, sequin-adorned materials, and suede.

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