hacks to wear your summer clothes in winters

We all have different clothes for summer and winters.but how about wearing your beautiful summer dresses in winter. Don’t get surprised, I have tried it and so should you. So here are some easy ways to wear your summer clothes in your winter.

Add a denim or black jacket

Pair your lacy white summer dress with a leather jacket or blazer, black tights, and black booties. You will rock the day.

Add as many layers

Add as many layers as possible: a chic hat, a jean jacket, a cardigan, a coat, a scarf, and high socks. Cozy

The crop top

This is one of our favorite summer-to-winter looks. It’s so unexpected and works well because it emphasizes your waist even while wearing layers.Go for a pinstripe shirt under the crop top to give you a long lean frame, while the contrast from the crop top to shirt will whittle your waist instantly.

The denim cut off shorts

Nothing says summer days more than denim shorts. Making them winter-appropriate is super easy too. Invest in a warm pair of opaque tights. Wear them with your shorts, paired with a cool blazer (or biker-style jacket), and you’ve got the perfect casual outfit for lunch with your girlfriends.

The sexy slip dress

You’ve seen this on every fashion blogger’s page, and it’s time for you to try it! Opt for a slip dress that you love and are comfortable with. Then simply wear it over a fitted jersey or turtleneck knit. be sure to choose neutral colors as well as a slim fit dress and jersey to show off your shape even under all that layering.

The maxi dress

Making a maxi dress work in winter can be challenging, but if you follow these rules, you can try this look without freezing. Make sure that your maxi dress is slim fitting to avoid unnecessary bulk.Choose a tailored jacket that cinches in at the waist to create an hourglass shape. We love this look with pumps or loafers to keep it sleek.

The midi skirt

This skirt looks great on every body shape, and now you can “warm” it up in a fun and fashionable way. Think less formal, and more athleisure inspired. A pair of sneakers and trendy denim jacket will be your best friend.

Belt it.

Cover up your favorite summer tank with a dress or a blanket scarf, belted to add some structure.



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