How to choose the right T Shirt

T Shirts are very popular the world over. A fun, casual dressing style means a T Shirt. You need to remember that a T Shirt is regarded as a dressed down option, so do not wear it to a formal occasion, or to your office. Women have lots of options when it comes to choosing a T Shirt, as against men, who only have Regular, Slim and Big to choose from.

Here’s how to choose the right kind of a T Shirt that flatters your figure and makes you look great.


  • Top-heavy

You do not have to try very hard with a T Shirt to look sexy or fancy. It is always going to be a casual wear. But going by your body type, you can choose the right one. If you are top-heavy, go for a regular fit. Do not try the tapered ones as you will look bulgy. Settle for the classic fit.

  • Tall and thin

If you are tall and thin, then you were born to wear T Shirts! You can wear any type and look great. But do remember not to wear short tees. Buy one size bigger than your fit and let it fall nicely. Try thicker material so that you get the advantage of good fall. Avoid the tapered look, as it will accentuate your height. You will look great in full-sleeved tees.

  • Short and wiry

A small T Shirt with a V neck will look best on you. Do not wear full-sleeved T Shirts. You can try the tapered look as it will make you look feminine. Avoid the layered sleeves (the kind where you have full sleeves protruding from under short sleeves). Go for cool colours.

  • Short and buxom

The classic style is the right fit for you. Go for a round neck T Shirt, and wear thin cottons. Do not let the T Shirt be too long. Avoid the tapered, fitted variety.

  • Pairing the tee with tights

If you are pairing the T shirt with tights, go for a longer T Shirt. You can try the tapered look or the classic fit. Both will look nice. Team your outfit with a flowing scarf or stole and you will catch everybody’s attention!


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