How to create your own style

What is style? Who has it and who doesn’t? Yes, we know these are age-old questions, and no one has definitive answers!

Well, style can be defined in one word.


Style is the confidence with which you wear what you wear, and the ease with which you carry it. If you are wearing a great outfit, and are conscious of it all the time, fidgeting with it, checking your appearance every now and then, and looking nervous, you, most certainly, are not stylish.

Now, consider this: you are wearing deconstructed jeans, a top that is several sizes too large, sneakers and sunglasses. Your hair is a mess. But you are walking around like you own the place — and everybody in it. Now that is style.

Create your own style

Style is something that can be acquired with a little bit of understanding, common sense and imagination. Here are some simple tips to turn every outfit into a stylish one.

  • Wear an over-sized midi dress with your jeans

Remember Anushka Sharma in Ae Dil Hai Mushkil singing Dil pe pathar rakh ke munh pe make-up kar liya? What was she wearing? Jeans and a long red midi dress with slits. Can you muster the confidence to wear something similar when you are out with your friends next? Try it. Or wear a trench-coat type long top with your jeans. Strut around as if it were the most natural thing in the world. There! You’ve got style.

  • Wear a belt with traditional salwar-kameez

There’s nothing more comfortable than a salwar-kameez. It’s a wonder dress that suits just about everybody across all ages. So, how do you set yourself apart wearing salwar-kameez if everybody is wearing it? Just use your imagination. Try using a slim belt with the most traditional outfit. Or take a scarf and cinch it around your middle. You can even use your dupatta for the cinched look. Who does that, you might wonder. You do.

  • Wear your salwar-kameez top as the blouse for your saree

When you wear a saree, is your blouse an itsy-bitsy thing? A barely-there, sleeve-less, front-less, back-less thingy?  Yeah, that might be considered fashionable. But how about going retro? Try wearing your salwar-kameez top as the blouse with your saree. Tuck it into your underskirt (petticoat), and wear the saree the regular way. What have you done? Instead of showing oodles of skin, you have covered it fully. That’s your style. And you are proud of it.

  • Wear a bandana

A bandana is the ultimate style statement. There are so many ways of wearing it, you are spoilt for choice. While women in the West often sport a bandana, we Indians don’t seem to be too fond of it. But you can be the trail-blazer. Wear it with everything – jeans, saree, salwar-kameez, skirt. Use a different style for each outfit. You will be the cynosure of all eyes. And stylish, of course!

  • Wear two dupattas at the same time

Can you think of a more fun style statement?! Wear two different dupattas with your salwar-kameez in any way that suits your fancy. You can tie them together, or wear one as a dupatta and the other as a bandana, or use one as a cinch, or just let both flow with your outfit. Carry the look with loads of confidence. And get ready for looks – curious looks, envious looks, admiring looks. Because you have style.





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