How to find the right skirt for your body type

A skirt is a very versatile garment that is very feminine. Skirts make almost everyone look sexy and gorgeous, but if don’t wear the right of a skirt to go with your body type, you may not look as good as you could. There are many kinds of skirts to choose from, and all you need to do is figure out your body shape. You can seek professional help to determine your body type if you are unable to do so on your own.

Here’s what suits different body types.

  • Tall and lean

If you are the long and lean type, then wear a long skirt with a slit, or buttons on the front to enhance the leg appeal. A pleating long skirt will look good if you have slim hips. You can wear slanted pockets, patch pockets, gathering, belts, and thick waistbands. You can give added attention to your small waist by using a wide belt.

  • Short, but well-proportioned

Tapered skirts as well as straight (slim) skirts will suit short women the best. An A-line skirt will also look good. Go for knee-length skirts — if your skirt is too short, you will look like a very small person. If it is too long, you might look even shorter. You can also wear button-fronts and wraparound skirts. Vertical embellishments or detailing will also help create the illusion of height.

  • Short and curvy figure

A-line skirts and wraparounds will look good on you. Make sure the skirt is not too tight. Wear soft fabrics that fall naturally. Avoid the billowy skirt, the short skirt, the mini-skirt and the pleated skirt.  An off-centre slit can help draw attention away from your curves and towards your legs.

  • Bottom-heavy figure

You can wear a moderate A-line style or loose, softly draped skirts, and wraparounds. In fact, you should wear skirts more often, and avoid pants. A tapered knee-length skirt can work for you. Just avoid waistbands. Go for darker colours. Avoid pockets on the skirt, pleating all the way around, flared skirts, or horizontal embellishments. Don’t wear tight skirts.

  • Thick ankles

If you have thick ankles, the best way to hide them is by wearing full-length skirts. Go for a full-length skirt, and you will look fine.


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